Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hike in Palm Canyon

After getting settled in Palm Springs at the Ace Resort and Swim Club, we took a couple of hours and went to Palm Canyon for a little hiking. This is unique area, really an oasis in the desert. As you approach, you begin to see palm trees clearly growing in the desert without the support of human installed irrigation. As you get nearer you realize that the natural springs and mountain runoff into the canyons provide the moisture needed for these natural gardens.

The Agua Caliente Band lived here and continue to manage the reservation that includes these sites and multiple hiking trails. We spent time in the main canyon, the aforementioned Palm, as well as another canyon, San Andreas, which has running streams all year round. One can see why these were special sites for the Agua Caliente, providing relief from the summer desert heat and water all year round.

See a short video panorama.

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