Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Visit to Kansas City--Monday

Monday was a busy day. We went to the Y to work out as guests of Anola. Then Mom and Marilyn went out to lunch and a shopping spree at an "upscale" thrift shop. Anola is probably the local--if not regional--expert on thrift stores and this was her recommendation. They both found some lovely items.

Meanwhile Anola and I went to the Kansas City Indian Center to meet with the person who does genealogy work there. Her name is Nancy Blue. Our purpose in being there was to get some information about our great great grandmother, Naomi Campbell, who was Native American. While we learned a lot, we didn't get any information about Naomi or her husband, Byron, or her son David beyond what we already had. What I did learn, however, explained why that family lived in Kansas rather than Missouri. Missouri had laws that made it illegal for a native to own property, hold a job, maintain a residence, or even stay over night. No wonder the natives lived in Kansas! Anyway I came away determined to be more focused on my own genealogy work as soon as I finish with my orals in October.

Lousia had gall bladder surgery today and is at home recuperating. She had a little difficulty yesterday but seems to be doing OK now. Mary was with her all day yesterday and overnight as well.

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