Monday, August 16, 2010

August Visit to Kansas City--Friday thru Sunday

We arrived on Friday August 13 after an uneventful trip to United. We drove to Clyde to visit Sister Paula and enjoyed a lovely lunch at A & R restaurant in Maryville, her favorite. Then we drove to Kansas City for a dinner from Quizno's with Mom. She is looking great and has weathered the brutally hot weather by keeping the AC cranked and staying indoors.

On Saturday we visit with Aunts Louisa and Mary in the morning. Louisa is having gall bladder surgery Monday. I went with Peter to a meeting of a photography club. It was great to spend the time with him and learn more about photography. Peter and Anola joined us and Mom for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes, Mom's favorite restaurant.

On Sunday we went to St. Therese Parish for Mass. Anola signs in the gospel choir there and it was wonderful to hear that and see her with all her parish friends. We met Peter for a late breakfast at Dunn's. After a little nap, Marilyn and I spent the afternoon on the Plaza and then took Mom for dinner at Winstead's in Prairie Village.

Here is a link to the Picasa album for photos:

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