Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Visit to Kansas City--Tuesday

We began the day by visiting Mom's clay class. She was busy working on her projects with several classmates and her teacher. Her finished projects along with those from other class members are on display in a case just outside the dining room. She enjoys the creativity and companionship.We left her to complete her class and then lunch in the dining room at Grand Court. We took off for points north. I dropped Marilyn in theBrookside area where she spent an hour and a half visiting some little shops including the New Dime Store where she made a few purchases. I took off for the Plaza, a grande bold at Starbucks and a couple of chapters in Carl Hiassen's Tourist Season.

When I had finished my reading, I drove back to Brookside and took a few pictures of the lake at Loose Park. With the rain, everything was nicely saturated.

Then we made our move for barbecue at Fiorella's Jack Stack just north of the Union Station. Even though we stayed with the lunch menus, we left stuffed to the gills. Perhaps the double desserts--carrot cake and bread pudding--are what did us in. It is now six hours later and food has absolutely no attraction for either of us. Would that such a condition would last.

When we got back to Grand
Court, we found Mom waiting in the lobby for happy hour which seemed to have gotten started a bit early. When I asked Steve, one of Mom's friends, if happy hour hadn't started early, he said, as he raised a glass of red wine, "It starts whenever you want it to start." Anola joined us and we had a great time. Joan McGonigle's daughter, Joan, was there. It turns out that Anola had taught her in the seventh grade at St. Peter's school. They had some fond memories of that year.

We went to dinner with Mom although we just sat and visited. Bill Bender and Barbara were the only ones who showed up; Rose, Marianne, Bob, Bill (there are two Bills at the table), and Nadine were not able to be there for a variety of reasons.

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